What does a Heat Exchanger manufacturers do?

Heat exchanger manufacturers design, develop and produce devices that are used to transfer heat from one medium to another. These devices are crucial components of various industrial processes, including power generation, chemical processing, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and more. Heat exchangers are used to efficiently transfer and regulate temperature in various systems, and they are available in different configurations, including shell and tube, plate, and fin-type designs. To create a heat exchanger, manufacturers use various materials, such as metals, ceramics, polymers, and composite materials, and they also engineer the devices to meet specific performance requirements, such as heat transfer efficiency, pressure drop, durability, and ease of maintenance. Overall, heat exchanger manufacturers play a crucial role in the manufacturing and operation of various industrial systems that require precise temperature control and efficient heat transfer.

What is a Heat Exchanger ?

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat between two or more fluids. It typically consists of a set of tubes or plates that allow the exchange of heat between the fluids, without allowing them to mix. Heat exchangers are commonly used in industrial processes or HVAC systems, to transfer heat from hot fluids to cold fluids or vice versa. They are also used in refrigeration, power generation, chemical processing, and many other applications where heat transfer is necessary. There are several types of heat exchangers, including shell-and-tube, plate, and finned-tube heat exchangers.


we offers a wide range of heat exchangers for all types of industries, especially chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, cement and sugar. These heat exchangers are supplied as per both customers’ specifications and drawing or custom built based on process conditions. A well-equipped design team understands the customers’ need and proposes the required design for their approval. Basically, the designs conform to ASME and tema codes and if required, a third-party inspection.

We offer three types of shell and tube heat exchangers namely.

Fixed tube sheet type, - removable bundle type - u-tube type

Materials we handle:

Austenitic Stainless Steel (All 300 series)/ Carbon Steel/ Alloy Steel/ Hastelloy/ Inconel/ Monel/ Nickel 200/ Cu-Ni Alloys/ Titanium/ Duplex

Construction codes followed:

ASME boiler & Pressure Vessel Code/ TEMA/ EN 13445 & AD 200 with CE marking